STATEMENT: House Homeland Security Committee Takes Steps to End the Humanitarian and Security Crisis at the Southern Border

April 28, 2023

Following the House Homeland Security Committee mark up and passage out of committee of the Border Reinforcement Act, Chad Wolf, America First Policy Institute’s Executive Director and former Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, issued the following statement:

“The simple fact is that the Biden Administration has refused to enforce the law at the southern border. Various Biden Administration officials have impugned and maligned career Border Patrol agents, hampered their ability to do their job, and allowed border wall system materials to decay in the desert. The legislation from the House Homeland Security Committee is building off of last week’s effort by the Judiciary Committee to secure the border, disrupt the cartels, and end asylum fraud. Together, these two bills are a first step in demonstrating to the American people that the Republican majority has serious solutions that put the American people first and would solve the crisis devised by the Biden Administration’s failed policies.”